Cultural Diversity Outreach

The Counseling Center is committed to providing leadership in areas of diversity that include but are not limited to LGBTQ populations, international student populations, first generation college students, and cultural/ethnic minority student populations. For more information, please contact the appropriate staff member for the following special interests:

  • Sankofa African American Student Outreach--Drs. Deidre A. Weathersby and Kamau Grantham
  • API Roots (Asian Pacific American and Asian International Student Outreach)--Dr. Zhenni Wang
  • International Student Outreach--Drs. Tzu-An Hu and Jiyun Kang
  • Latinx Student Outreach--Alejandro Gómez, LCSW
  • Native American Student Outreach--Talisha Brown
  • Queers & Allies Outreach--Elise Lanker