CCP Course Breakdown

The CCP Program consists of a three semester sequence.

  • The first semester (which is spring) begins with PSYCH 496 (four credit hours).
 In this class, students learn the fundamentals of intentional interviewing and develop self-awareness through personal and cultural exploration. communication.
  • The second semester (fall of the subsequent year), continues with PSYCH 340 (four credit hours), where The CCPs put what they learn into practice. Under the supervision of Counseling Center staff, they participate in a variety of service related activities. These activities include:
    • Providing workshops on topics related to student life including academics, relationships, stress management, and self-understanding.
    • Helping individual students in times such as academic difficulties, or adjustment to campus.
    • Facilitating discussion groups focusing on important social or mental health issues.
  • In the third semester, they continue to build upon projects and activities from the previous semester as well as undertake new ones.

Beyond the third semester:

Students can also work as CCPs for a fourth and fifth semester. These CCPs are paid for their work with the program and use the experience to further develop their helping skills and increase their job potential.

Our recruitment process for each class happens in the FALL semester only. Application materials will be available on this website or in Room 110 of the Student Services Building.