Past Productions

Each year INNER VOICES Social Issues Theatre produces several timely theatre pieces. The ensemble originates work and we have produced the work of playwrights from around the world—including several from this campus.

SHOES: Some Sore Feet and a New Pair of Eyes

Written over the course of 25 years, this is a collection of vignettes that address issues that arise around "diversity," such as minoritization, eraasure, and equity.


A look at the way we look at one another across societal divides.

Tell It!

Written by Dr. Durell Callier, this is a contemporary choral for Black youth’s voices.

Over Here: Stories of Student Veterans

Veterans' insights into military experiences abroad, state-side and on this campus.

Freeze! Body Police

A powerful, poignant, and humorous look at the forces that shape our concepts of body image.

Depression...The Musical (Sort of)

A range of what we call “depression” is revealed through intimate coffee shop conversations.

Shoes: Some Sore Feet and a New Pair of Eyes

Issues that arise around cultural diversity bring to the fore an array of different and often contradictory perspectives on daily life.

Endangered Black Girls

Written by Dr. Ruth Nicole Brown, this piece is based on the lived experience of black girl and moves beyond documentation toward action and celebration.

Cutting (Social) Class

Opportunity and economics are explored in this cross section look at shiny things, the pursuit of happiness and the ties that blind.

Cafe Estresso

“I’ll take a large order of stress, a side of pressure, and a cup of coffee. To go. I’m in a hurry. Oh, and can you leave room in that for a splash of anxiety?”

Open Season 

Confronts the perpetration of hate crimes, specifically those crimes directed toward lesbian, gay, transgender and bisexual people in our society, through looking at the stories of five friends.

Stories that Needed to be Told

Scenes of domestic violence and dating abuse are presented as the basis for audience dialogue.

Break the Silence: Scenes of Sexual Assault, Survival, Support, and Speaking Out

The voices of survivors of sexual assault are woven together offering a starting point for understanding the deeply rooted social and personal issues around sexual assault.