API Roots Team



‘Roots’ in API Roots symbolizes the connection to our communities’ heritage and cultural wisdom passed down through generations.

API Roots addresses the links between mental health and cultural identity through our outreach efforts to support cultural awareness and promote mental health awareness, identity exploration, and social justice issues in the Asian American, Pacific Islander, and Asian International (API) communities. Our work is consistently grounded in promoting an understanding of how API students are impacted by the changes in the local and global communities they call home.

Examples of Our Outreach Activities

API Roots collaborates with a variety of Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) and Student Affairs
departments. We are always open to forming more connections with other campus partners. We are
a proud collaborator with the Asian American Cultural Center, where we can directly interact with
students. Our outreach activities focus on supporting and empowering API students in their journey
of identity exploration, academic pursuit, and personal and professional development. We are open to
participating in workshops, panel discussions, documentary/movie screenings, social media
campaigns, tabling, and interacting with students at orientations and campuswide events.

  • We partner with other Counseling Center outreach teams about items of overlap. These range from workshops on Asian beauty standards and maintaining a healthy body image and exploring how drinking and substance use might affect API student success.
  • We offer workshops and resources on API-centric topics such as combatting API Hate, the model minority myth, mental health and stigma in AAPI communities, celebrating Filipino American History Month with Lumpia, and more.

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