Suicide Intervention Policy

Suicide Incident Referral Form

The text below is taken from the Student Code Part 1, Article 2


Suicide Incident Referrals

  1. When the university is presented with a credible report that a student has threatened or attempted suicide, engaged in efforts to prepare to attempt suicide or has been psychiatrically hospitalized due to suicidal ideation, that student may be required to attend four sessions of professional assessment.
  2. Procedures
    1. The attending or responsible university employee who becomes aware of facts stated in subsection (a)(1) above must submit a Suicide Incident Referral Form including the student’s name and circumstances of the student’s suicide incident.
    2. Members of the Suicide Intervention Team (SIT) will conduct an individualized clinical evaluation of the report to determine if assessment will be mandated. SIT will notify the Student Assistance Center (SAC) of their determination.
    3. The SAC will notify the student via their official University of Illinois email account of the requirement. This notification will include relevant deadlines; enforcement mechanisms for noncompliance, including but not limited to registration holds; and instructions for appealing (See subsection (c) below.).
    4. If the student is not subject to mandatory assessment, the SAC will contact the student via their official University of Illinois email account and provide them with information about relevant campus resources.

Appeals of Mandatory Assessments. A student may appeal an assessment mandated under subsections (a) or (b) above within three business days of the date they were notified of the requirement by submitting a written appeal to the Dean of Students (or designee). In reviewing an appeal, the Dean of Students (or designee) may consult with appropriate campus professionals. The Dean of Students (or designee) will render a decision as soon as is practicable. The decision of the Dean of Students (or designee) is final and not subject to further appeal.