COVID-19 Considerations


The Counseling Center has changed the way it delivers its services during the COVID-19 pandemic. For the 2020-2021 school year, we will be offering telehealth counseling (individual and group) and online outreach programming (request an outreach). If a student is experiencing an emergency, please call us at 217-333-3704 with questions.

Please also note the following:


  • State law requires students to be located in Illinois to receive ongoing telehealth (online) counseling. However, if students who are currently outside of Illinois have mental health concerns, we encourage you to schedule a phone consultation. The consultation is not therapy, but you’ll be able to speak with a counselor about your concerns, and they can suggest alternatives for you to get assistance.
  • We offer several online programming options about topics such as perfectionism, RIO (mindfulness and emotional acceptance), improving focus, managing test/performance anxiety, and managing time. These are open to any Illinois student, and many students have reported these workshops have helped them greatly with mental health concerns they are having. For more information, please visit our outreach series page.
  • Students who have United Healthcare through the university may continue to access online counseling via If you access this site through your UnitedHealthcare app, you can bypass the necessary insurance information requirement. If you need help, contact customer service at 217-333-0165 or email
  • If you need to speak with someone after hours, please contact the Rosecrance Crisis Line at 217-359-4141 or call 911.

Faculty and Staff

We know that there is a great deal of uncertainty and that this can cause anxiety. If you wish to consult about assisting a student you’re concerned about, please call us at 217-333-3704. After business hours, the Rosecrance Crisis Line is available at 217-359-4141.


More Information

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