INNER VOICES Social Issues Theatre


INNER VOICES Social Issues Theatre addresses timely and often difficult social and health issues through performances followed by post-performance dialogues. Additionally, the program provides an opportunity for students to be actively engaged in the process of creating and performing social issues theatre through four courses that students may enroll in for academic credit. We offer touring shows each semester that range from health concerns such as substance abuse, sexual health, and body image to social issues such as hate crimes, gender identity, and socioeconomic status. 


To schedule a performance, to become involved in the program or for further information contact Lisa Fay, Program Coordinator, at 217-244-0212 or at

For more information on becoming involved with INNER VOICES Social Issues Theater, check out the associated course descriptions.

INNER VOICES Social Issues Theatre is sponsored by the Counseling Center and the Department of Theatre.

INNER VOICES Social Issues Theatre Current Shows and Announcements


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