College & Departmental Liaisons

Outreach and prevention services include providing consultation services to academic and other student service units across campus. The Counseling Center has worked to establish strong relationships across various units on campus. Currently we provide direct liaison services to the College of Engineering, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the Graduate College, and all cultural centers on campus. Our clinical staff also provides services to family housing and campus housing. The liaison service provides clinical consultation to students within the units and/or develops programming designed to meet their psychological and developmental needs. If you would like to access liaison services, please contact the appropriate staff member listed below.

  • College of Engineering, Drs. Tzu-An Hu and Patricia Ricketts
  • College of Liberal Arts and Science, Dr. Zhenni Wang
  • College of Liberal Arts and Science Access and Achievement Program, Alejandro Gómez, LCSW
  • College of Medicine, Dr. Dynesha Mason Grissom
  • College of Veterinary Medicine, Kurt Hegeman, LCPC
  • Division of General Studies, Dr. Jiyun Kang
  • Graduate College, Dr. Yuri Choi
  • Residence Life, Dr. Emily Barnum
  • Family & Graduate Housing, Dr. Jungeun Kim.
  • Eating Disorder and Disturbances Network, Dr. Carina Bauer