Trauma Response


The Counseling Center provides Trauma Responses to students at the University of Illinois who are impacted by traumatic incidents and/or psychological emergencies. The goal of a trauma response is to provide students/faculty/staff with academic and mental health resources available at the University of Illinois. These responses are often done alongside our partners at the Office of the Dean of Students.


  1. The primary purpose of a Trauma Response is to provide prompt response to students at the university who are involved in or directly affected by incidents that are traumatic or emergency in nature. These responses are primarily to address common emotional responses to traumatic events and provide emotional, psychological and academic resources available at the University of Illinois.
  2. The Counseling Center provides preventive services and information to members of the university community who request it. We can also link students to aftercare services for those individuals and groups who are affected by a traumatic incident and could benefit.
  3. Trauma responses are conducted in collaboration with the Office of the Dean of Students and other campus partners who are involved in the critical incident.
  4. Trauma responses can vary dependent on the needs of those requesting the response. The Counseling Center and/or the Office of the Dean of Students representative will work with the requestor to discuss needs, resources and content during the trauma response.

For more information, please contact Counseling Center at 217-333-3704.