Daily Mindfulness Drop-Ins

In these times of uncertainty, many of us feel stressed, overwhelmed, and unfocused. One of the best ways to process your emotions is through meditation. For Fall 2021, we will offer Daily Mindfulness Drop-Ins beginning October 25. Every day from 4:15 p.m. to 4:45 p.m., we'll offer a brief meditation on Zoom to help you get centered. Please note these meditations will be offered through the end of finals week with the exception of Fall Break (November 22 to 26).

Zoom meeting ID: 922 2891 7050 (Password: CCMind)

Each day, we'll be focusing on a different area of mindfulness.

Day of the Week Topic
Mindfulness Mondays Practice guided meditation to increase your mindfulness skills and de-stress.
Intuitive Eating Tuesdays Start making peace with food by engaging in grounding activities to be more aware in the process of eating.
Body Awareness Wednesdays Engage in activities designed to help you reconnect to your physical body (grounding, muscle relaxation, and body scan).
Thoughtful Thursdays Explore the link between your thoughts and actions and use this recognition to be more open to change.
Forget It Fridays Focus on your breathing, identify potential challenges, and
develop breathing skills to help you release anxiety.

Please note that these workshops are not therapy groups. They are open to all Illinois students and are not confidential. Reflections will be personal and not shared with the group.