University of Illinois Acronyms, Abbreviations, and Other Terminology

AAA — Asian American Association

AACC — Asian American Cultural Center

AACP — African American Cultural Programs

AC — Area Coordinator in University Residence Hall System

ACCY — Accounting

ACDIS — Arms Control, Disarmament, and International Security

ACES — College of Agricultural, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences

AITS — Administrative Information Technology Services

ALS — College of Applied Life Studies

AODO — Alcohol and Other Drugs Office

AOH — ACES Open House

ATLAS — Applied Technologies for Learning in the Arts and Sciences

ATAM — Ancient Technologies and Archaeological Materials Program

ATIUS-SACHEM — Leadership Honorary Organizations for sophomores and juniors

ATKINS — Atkins Tennis Center

BATS — Beautiful and Together Sisters, Black Student Union for the Lincoln Avenue Residence Halls

BE — Busey Evans Residence Halls

BGC — Black Greek Council

BLOCK I — Student cheering section for football games

BSU — Black Student Union

BSW — Building Service Worker

CARE — Campus Acquaintance Rape Education

CBSU — Central Black Student Union

CCSO — Computing & Communications Services Office

CE — Civil Engineering or Continuing Education

CET — Center for Teaching Excellence

COTE — Council on Teacher Education

CHEM E — Chemical Engineering

CITES — Campus Information Technologies and Educational Services

CTE — Council on Teacher Education

C-U — Champaign-Urbana

CRCE — Campus Recreation Center East

CRH — Champaign Residence Halls

CS — Computer Science

CSB — Cell and Structural Biology

DCL — Digital Computing Laboratory

DCR — Division of Campus Recreation

DI — Daily Illini student newspaper

DIA — Division of Intercollegiate Athletics

DKH — David Kinley Hall

DRES — Division of Rehabilitation-Education Services

EAP — Employee Assistance Program

EBONY/UMOJA — Black Student Union for Illinois Street Residence Halls

EE — Electrical Engineering

EEE — Ecology, Ethology, and Evolution Department

EOH — Engineering Open House

EOP — Educational Opportunities Program

ERIC — Educational Resources Information Center

EUSA/NIA — Black Student Union for Allen Hall

EWEZO — Black Student Union for Florida Avenue Residence Halls

EXPRESS EMAIL — University email server

FAA — College of Fine and Applied Arts

FAR — Florida Avenue Residence Halls

FLB — Foreign Languages Building

FYI — First Year Impact

GA — Graduate Assistant

GC — Graduate Counselor

GEN ED — General Education

GIS — Guided Individual Study

GPA — Grade Point Average

GREG — Gregory Hall

HALLMARKS — Handbook outlining rule and regulations for the residence halls

I-CARD — University of Illinois identification card

IFC — Interfraternity Council

I-GUIDES — Illini Guides

ILCSO — Illinois Library Computer Systems Office

ILLIO — University of Illinois Yearbook

IMPE — Intramural Physical Education Building

IRB — Institutional Review Board (Human Subjects in Research)

IRIS — Illinois Researcher Information Service

ISR — Illinois Street Residence Halls

ISS — Illinois Student Senate

IT — Illini Tower

IUB — Illini Union Bookstore or Illini Union Board

KCPA — Krannert Center for the Performing Arts

KCSA — Krannert Center Student Association

LA CASA — La Casa Cultural Latina (Latino Cultural Center)

LAR — Lincoln Avenue Residence Halls

LAS — College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

LIAC — ACES Library, Information and Alumni Center

MA’AT — Black Student Union for the Champaign Residence Halls

MARIAM — Black Student Union for Busey-Evans Residence Halls

ME — Mechanical Engineering

MET & MINING — Metallurgy and Mining Building

MI — Marching Illini

MOPS — Minority Organization for Pre-Health Services

MTD — Mass Transit District

NHB — Natural History Building

O&M — Operations and Maintenance

ODOS — Office of the Dean of Students

OFAB — Organization Fund Advisory Board

OIM — Office of Industrial Management

OMSA — Office of Minority Student Affairs

ORANGE KRUSH — Student cheering section at the Men’s Basketball games

OAR — Office of Admissions and Records

OSFA — Office of Student Financial Aid

OSL — Orientation Student Leader

OTM — Office of Technology Management

OVP — Office of Volunteer Projects

PANHEL — Panhellenic Council

PAP — President’s Award Program

PAR — Pennsylvania Avenue Residence Halls

PSP — Principal Scholar’s Program

QUAD — Quadrangle at center of campus

RA — Resident Advisor

RAVE — Residents Active in Volunteer Efforts

RD — Resident Director

RHA — Residence Hall Association

ROTC — Reserve Officer Training Corps

RSO — Registered Student Organization

SA — Student Ambassadors

SAA — Student Alumni Association

SALONGO — Black Student Union for the Pennsylvania Avenue Residence Halls

SAMS — Students Against Multiple Sclerosis

SEAL — Students for Equal Access to Learning

SORF — Student Organization Resource Fee

SSB — Student Services Building

STACKS — Main Library book storage stacks

TA — Teaching Assistant

TIMETABLE — Listing of courses and times offered at the University of Illinois (Class schedule)

TOEFL — Test of English as a Foreign Language

TRIAD — Barton, Clark, & Lundgren Residence Halls

TVD — Taft-Van Doren Residence Halls

UIC — University of Illinois at Chicago

UIECU — University of Illinois Employee Credit Union

UIS — University of Illinois at Springfield

UIUC — University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

UI2 SELF-SERVICE — Online class registration system

UNDERGRAD — Undergraduate Library

URH — University Residence Halls

VIP — Volunteer Illini Projects

VIR — Volunteer Illini Recruiting

WILL — University of Illinois radio and television public broadcasting station

WPGU FM 107.1 or WBML-CABLE FM 89.3 — Student-run radio stations

Please note that some acronyms and abbreviations may change.