Campus resources

Counseling Center

206 Student Services Building: 217-333-3704

Individual consultations, assessments, short-term psychotherapy, group therapy, and community referrals provided. A number of counselors have specific interests working with clients who struggle with disordered eating.

McKinley Student Health Center

1109 S Lincoln Ave: 217-999-2700

Individual consultation for nutrition and fitness assessment/education from a physician, individual nutrition counseling with a registered dietician.

Community Resources

If you are wanting longer-term care or services outside of the university, you can find community-based therapists by contacting your insurance company. Counseling Center clinicians can consult with you to help facilitate a connection with a community resource.

Online resources

The information and resources for disordered eating and body image concerns in continually changing. To receive the most up-to-date information about readings, podcasts, social media accounts, and webpages to look into can be found HERE.

Brochure: Eating Disorders

Brochure: Assisting a Friend Who May Have an Eating Disorder