The Practicum Experience

Clinical Experiences

Individual and Couples Counseling (couples opportunities less frequent)

  • The opportunity to gain experience in brief, intermediate, and long-term counseling with undergraduate and graduate students presenting with a broad range of  presenting concerns
  • A diverse caseload in terms of severity of  concerns, client populations, and  clinical issues

Group Therapy Process Observation (optional and dependent on availability)

  • The opportunity to monitor group dynamics of a therapy group
  • Participate as part of the group treatment team with the staff facilitators
  • Includes 0.5 hours of supervision with one of the staff facilitators each week

Initial Appointments

  • Work under the developmental training model with the trainee’s clinical supervisor to learn the Center’s initial appointment system

Supervision Experiences

Individual Supervision

  • One and a half hours per week of intensive, individual supervision focusing on individual caseloads
  • Two different individual supervisors over the course of the academic year, to allow practicum students the opportunity and the exposure to different theoretical orientations and styles; supervised by a staff member during the fall semester and a pre-doctoral intern during the spring semester
  • Supervisory assignments are derived from practicum student input and supervisor’s theoretical orientation; final matches are determined by the Assistant Director of Training

Group Supervision

  • Two hours per week of group supervision, led by Assistant Director of Training; group consists of both practicum students and MSW social work intern. 
  • Focus on development of conceptual and intervention skills through case presentations and case consultation
  • Focus on therapist cultural awareness, professional and ethical development

Additional Experiences

Practicum Special Topics Seminar

  • One hour per week didactic seminar led by the Practicum Special Topics Supervisor

Outreach (recommended)

  • The Center provides a wide range of programming on campus
  • Trainees are encouraged to participate in outreach programming in the area of their choice by teaming up with clinicians who work in that area of specialization

Outreach and Consultation Teams (optional)

  • Depending on trainee interest and schedule, practicum students may attend outreach and consultation team meetings in the Center