Training Programs

Training and developing professionals is a part of the Counseling Center’s mission, and we offer programs for students at every stage of their education.

For undergraduates, we offer the Counseling Center Paraprofessional (CCP) program, Inner Voices Social Issues Theater, and Alcohol Cuture Explored Interactive Theater (ACE IT) facilitator training:

  • Students who are interested in being a CCP first apply for the program. Once accepted, they will go through a three-semester course sequence that emphasizing experiential learning as they assist in various outreach the Counseling Center does. The hallmark of the CCP outreach experience is the Tuesday @ 7 Workshop series. Each semester, CCPs offer workshops for other students with topics ranging from effective time management to dealing with depression to smart money management.
  • INNER VOICES Social Issues Theatre addresses timely and often difficult social and health issues through performances followed by post-performance dialogues. Students can become involved with the program in a number of ways including enrolling in one of several courses ofttered through the Departments of Theatre and Gender and Women's Studies. 
  • Students who are interested in becoming ACE IT facilitators for the upcoming school year must successfuly complete Community Health 199-ACE, which is offered every spring.

For graduate students, the Counseling Center offers:

  • A well-respected pre-doctoral internship program 
  • Beginning and advanced therapy practicums.
  • MSW internship program.