ACE IT Peer Facilitators

Want to help other students ACE IT? Become a peer facilitator.

To become a peer facilitator, you will need to successfully complete Community Health 199-ACE, which is offered every spring.  You’ll be ready to serve as a peer facilitator the very next August/September. Coursework focuses on learning practical facilitation skills and alcohol education.

What is ACE IT’s approach?

Many new students are making their own decisions about the use of alcohol for the first time, and the University of Illinois is committed to increasing the health, safety, and academic success of students as they adjust to campus life. Students who arrive predisposed not to drink need to know that they are not alone and that the University supports this choice. Students who believe that drinking will be an important part of their college experience need to be aware of the possible impact that the abuse of alcohol may have on their health, safety, and academic success.

ACE IT employs video and peer-led discussion to examine situations, attitudes, and choices regarding alcohol and the campus drinking culture. ACE IT facilitators do not lecture, but ask students to look at their own expectations and assumptions to avoid making high risk or passive decisions related to the use of alcohol. Students are encouraged to look at their own beliefs and behaviors about alcohol use, while listening to others and receiving information that will enable them to make low risk choices about consuming alcohol.