Internship Aims and Objectives

Our aim as a university counseling center internship site is to prepare doctoral interns in clinical or counseling psychology to become entry-level Health Service Psychologists prepared to serve a diverse public. By the end of the internship year, you will have focused on:

  • Competence in applying professional skills in clinical work, supervision, and outreach activities in accordance with the profession-wide competencies specified with the APA Standards of Accreditation.
  • Articulating your theoretical understanding about problems in human behavior and their treatment.
  • Respect and appreciation for individual and group differences.
  • Understanding and integration of ethical principles into practice.
  • Your interactions with and impact on professional colleagues.
  • Use of your internal and external resources to deal with the personal and professional stresses inherent in the provision of services.
  • The developmental transitions of the internship experience with a balance of support and challenge.
  • The transition from student to independently practicing health services psychologist.