WellTrack Boost FAQs


WellTrack Boost is an app that allows you to track your moods and learn about how you can better control conditions like anxiety and depression. It is available to all Illinois students—you do not need to be a client of the Counseling Center to access it.

Who is WellTrack Boost for?

WellTrack Boost can be used by all currently-enrolled Illinois students—you do not need to be a client of the Counseling Center or McKinley Mental Health to access it.

What does WellTrack Boost do?

WellTrack Boost offers a variety of assessments to check in on your mental health and tools to track your moods and journal about what you’re noticing. There are also self-guided modules to help you better manage anxiety and depression and to develop resilience skills.

I see a counselor already. How will this help me?

WellTrack Boost gives you the tools to understand when you’re having negative moods and see patterns. It works well on its own or as a complement to counseling.

How do I access WellTrack Boost?

The WellTrack Boost App is available on the Apple App Store of Google Play. Once you’ve downloaded the app, log in using your email and password. You can also log on to WellTrack Boost via the web at

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How secure is my personal data?

  • WellTrack Boost was vetted through Illinois IT security before it was offered to students.  All the data is encrypted in transit and at rest and is housed on Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers.
  • For additional information, view Well Track’s privacy policy

I’m having trouble logging in. How can I get help?

  • If you are having trouble signing up, please contact the WellTrack Boost support team by sending an email to or click on “Log In” then “Contact Us” link at the top of the WellTrack sign in page. 
  • For all other support issues please contact WellTrack directly, at

I’m using FireFox and cannot log in. What’s wrong?

Suggested browsers are Chrome and IE. The site is not compatible with Firefox.