Reactions to Mass/Shootings Violence

Gun violence continues to persist in the United States and typically follows a predictable cycle: an incident occurs and many lives are senselessly lost, calls to limit access to firearms are made, debate ensues, and then no significant policy changes are made. When a shooting occurs targeting a specific minority population, members of the targeted group can feel especially vulnerable and frightened. Whether you have been directly impacted by gun violence or you experience vicarious trauma as a result of news coverage and social media, mass violence can bring up a range of emotions from sadness to anger to frustration and helplessness.

Below are some resources that can assist if you’re struggling to process your feelings around gun violence. The Counseling Center is here to support you if you are feeling overwhelmed and not sure how to move forward.

American Psychological Association’s Resources for Coping with Mass Shootings and Understanding Gun Violence

American Counseling Center’s Coping with the Aftermath of a Mass Shooting

Prevention’s Tips for Coping with Mass Shootings

Counseling Center Brochure: Trauma

Counseling Center’s Coping with Fear After a Traumatic Event