Tuesday @ 7 Workshops

Fall 2022
Presented by Counseling Center Paraprofessionals
Students Helping Students: Enhancing Mental Health, Well-Being, and Success

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August 30

Getting a S.M.A.R.T. Start: Managing Your Time to Dominate the Year

A workshop on how to stay organized and manage your time by setting SMART goals and learning other time-management tricks!”

Illini Union 407
September 6

Ravioli, Ravioli: Give Me Friendshipoli! Starting and Maintaining Healthy Friendships

Meeting new people and maintaining healthy friendships in college can seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be! Come to our workshop where we will teach skills to address obstacles that may come your way while developing and fostering new connections on campus.

Lincoln Hall 1092
September 13

Spilling the AnxieTEA: Coping with Stress and Worry

In this week’s Tuesday @ 7 we will discuss common symptoms and stressors of anxiety that college students encounter. We will also practice techniques such as positive affirmations and gratitude journaling that will help you to better cope with and understand your stress and worry.

Engineering Hall 106B1
September 20

There’s an Imposter Among Us: Dealing with Imposter Phenomenon

Have you ever felt like you did not belong or deserve the praise you got because you thought your achievements were gained through sheer luck? Come join this workshop to discuss the importance of these feelings and learn tools on how to attribute your successes to your own hard work!

SDRP 2025A
September 27

The City that Never Procrastinates: Strategies to Avoid Procrastination

This workshop is focused on the topic of procrastination. We will be discussing experiences with procrastination as well as strategies to avoid it and finish work on time.

Education Building 162
October 4

The Suite Life on Campus: Managing Healthy Relationships and Conflict

Have you been stressed because of that special someone or your peers? Roommates causing a ruckus? Come join us at this workshop to tackle managing and navigating all your different relationships in a healthy way.

GIES Success Lab, BIF, Room 1041
October 11

At the Bar or the Pregame: Strategies for Safe Substance Use Without Shame

This workshop will discuss common substances found on college campuses, types of substances, and gauging quantities of these substances. Finally, we will discuss ways for students to use these substances safely and comfortably.

David Kinley Hall, Room 317
October 18

Don’t Stop Believing in Yourself: Learning Self-Compassion

Do you ever struggle to forgive yourself? In this workshop, participants will develop a ceaseless desire to not give up and leave with a better sense of competency to engage in successful tasks.

October 25

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Addressing Body Image

Our workshop is focusing on how society, such as popular media, and preconceptions about college can affect body image in college students.

November 1

Mental Playground: Coping with Childhood Trauma

By working with your inner child we seek to discuss childhood trauma, the effects that come with it, and address methods to cope with that trauma.

November 8

Feeling the Burn? Let’s Talk about Burnout

This workshop is aimed at helping students recognize and manage different forms of burnout. The impact of burnout culture in academia and how it can impact mental health is also explored. Additionally, this workshop introduces methods to help reduce burnout.

November 15

You’ve Got a Friend in Me: Supporting a Friend Who’s Struggling

In this workshop, participants will learn new skills to support their friends during a time of need, be able to identify when their friends are struggling, and better understand personal and interpersonal boundaries. This workshop will cover a variety of situations and strategies to help participants be more confident in supporting their friends.

November 29

Got the Blues? Slaying Seasonal Depression

Cozy up and join us to learn how to handle seasonal depression right from home. In this workshop you'll be able to learn about the possible symptoms, practice coping skills, and will have the opportunity to share your experience all in a safe space.

December 6

Motivation...Where Art Thou? Finding Motivation in the Midst of Finals

This highly engaging and interactive workshop will focus on building motivation techniques. We will inspire individuals to discover which motivation techniques work best for them.


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