Tuesday @ 7 Workshops

Spring 2024
Presented by Counseling Center Paraprofessionals
Students Helping Students: Enhancing Mental Health, Well-Being, and Success

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February 6

Clicking Your Heels on Homesickness: Finding Home Beyond the Yellow Brick Road

Zoom* Come learn about managing homesickness and adjusting to campus life!
February 13

Cupid's Compass: Navigating Healthy Relationships

Zoom* Looking for ways to manage your relationships? Whether you’ve been struck by Cupid’s Arrow this month or not, navigating and building healthy relationships are skills everyone should have. This workshop is equipped to teach skills that allow you to better your romantic, familial, and otherwise platonic relationships. Join us via Zoom, to learn to navigate Cupid’s Compass!
February 20

Brrrreaking the Ice: Coping with the Winter Blues

Zoom* Brrrrrrr, it's cold out there! Snuggle up and learn how to cope with those winter blues, identify the stressors, and emerge with your inner sunshine.
February 27

Your Lucky Charm to Reduce Harm: Safe Substance Use During Unofficial

LaCasa 104 You don’t need luck to keep yourself safe during Unofficial! This workshop will discuss safe ways to consume alcohol and other drugs as well as help individuals become more educated on the effects of different substances.
March 5

Spring Forward:Managing Time and Procrastination

Gregory Hall 319 As the spring semester gains momentum, it can be tough as students to stay on top of studying and schoolwork. Join this workshop about time management, overcoming procrastination, and maintaining motivation so you can spring forward in the right direction!
March 19

The Fast and the Studious: Coping with Perfectionism and Academic Stress

Everitt Lab 3217 Feeling overwhelmed by perfectionism and stressed by academics? Slow down, you're doing enough! This interactive workshop will help you learn some great new skills to manage academic stress, tackle feelings of perfectionism, and feel satisfied and proud of your accomplishments.
March 26

I'll Be There For You: Supporting a Friend in Distress

College of Education 192 Worried about your friend? Not sure what to do? Join our workshop to learn how to support your friends because they’ve got a friend in you.
April 2

Control, Alt, Delete: Managing Social Media Use

Huff Hall 114 Fingers tired from scrolling? Need to take a break from your phone to study? This workshop can teach you how to manage your social media use responsibly and realistically.
April 9

Everything, Everywhere, All at Once: Prioritizing Yourself

BIF 1041 College life can be overwhelming. Come to this workshop to learn skills about prioritizing yourself while dealing with everything, everywhere, all at once!
April 16

Honoring Your Weird Barbie: Finding Authenticity

Lincoln Hall 1002 Dive into ‘Honoring You Weird Barbie: Finding Authenticity,’ a workshop that illuminates the path on your journey of self-discovery to guide you to a place where you can celebrate your unique identity and embrace your fullest self in any environment.
April 23

Walking on Sunshine (oh oh): Preparing for Summer and Post-Grad Plans

Zoom* Summer break is full of opportunities and time that you could use for fun, recovery, professional development, and much more. Come check out our workshop to make a plan that works for you personally!
April 30

Stress Less, Study, Success! How to Persevere During Finals

Zoom* This virtual workshop will discuss how stress may affect you, ways to de-stress during finals, and study tips to set you up for success!

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